540 West 25th Street, New York, NY

    The building fits into the historical Chelsea context but aims to bridge the gap from a traditional art gallery to a more open and accessible model of art display and engagement. The proposed development is an eight-story building with a total area of approximately 60,000 square feet plus basement. The structure of the building is composed of steel framing with metal decking and concrete topping slab which allows for column-free galleries and multi-use event spaces. The ground floor level will feature a library showcasing an extensive collection of more than 10,000-catalogued volumes and a gallery with 18’ ceilings for rotating exhibitions. On the second floor there will be exhibition space with an adjacent terrace, and an open storage system for artworks that were previously accessible only through private viewing, a feature largely inspired by the recent trend of several major public institutions around the country. The third floor will have gallery space dedicated to specific art work and supported by office spaces and archive space. The fourth and fifth floor will accommodated all the offices spaces, including the executive team which will have directly access to the 6th floor terrace with, as well as event-exhibition space which offers sweeping panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline. The top two floors will be dedicated to gallery and exhibition spaces with a gallery featuring a 19’ ceiling to allow maximum flexibility of an installation. The street façade is characterized by a rain screen system with lava stone cladding, featuring a custom pattern in recycled glass powder; at the ground floor, a double sliding glass door will allow for a direct connection between the gallery and the public street level. The top portion of the building (top two floors) will be finished in pre-cast concrete panels with metal cladding covering the underside of the 7th floor level, that will be visible from the terrace space on the 6th floor. The back and sides of the building will be finished with a custom pre-cast concrete pattern. The vertical connection system of the building is composed of three elevators; two passenger elevators and one freight elevator with an oversized platform and internal 12’ ceiling to carry different art works to the upper floor galleries. All elevators are a cable traction system to allow for improved speed and breakage control. The HVAC system of the building will be provided by water-cooled air conditioned units supplemented by a perimeter fin-tubes system to provide additional heating during the winter season. The electrical system will utilize a “bus drive” to allow for higher output on each floor and the flexibility for future increases in the services supplied– each level will have dedicated sub-meters with the possibility to subdivide the supply based on the floor tenancy. The fire protection system is composed by automatic sprinkler system and fire standpipes with a fire hose cabinet and fire department valve connection on each floor level – the sprinkler system will be a “wet” type with a water storage tank located on the roof. The building will be equipped with a generator to allow for at least life safety system operations in case of emergency as well as basic base systems – predisposition for additional generator supply will be provided for tenant’s use.